ADAS Calibration Center of Cincinnati

Adas Calibration Center Of Cincinnati

Ohio’s first standalone ADAS Center

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Also known as “ADAS” for short, we specialize in the servicing of features and systems that are specifically designed to increase vehicle safety and assist drivers with everything from parking to traveling on the freeway.



When an issue with one of these systems arrises, the equipment needed to diagnose the problem can often be in short supply. Collision shops, auto repair providers, and others in the industry trust us for all of their ADAS diagnostics.



Programming and calibrating features like lane assist and automatic emergency braking requires specialized training and tools. We have everything needed to make sure the vehicles you bring to us are handled properly by a team of professionals.


What Is ADAS? ADAS is an acronym for “Advanced Driver Assistance Systems”

These systems offer drivers more control over their vehicles and provide them with more information about their immediate surroundings to help aid them while they’re parking and driving. ADAS includes everything from rear cross-traffic sensors to adaptive cruise control and come standard in most newer cars, trucks, and SUVs. ADAS technology is constantly evolving in order to help improve vehicle safety and assist drivers with things like monitoring blind spots and pulling into tight parking spaces. Properly adjusting these systems requires technology and training that many shops choose not to acquire due to the extra costs and hassle associated with ADAS calibration equipment.


Adas Calibration & Programming Services A vital part of automotive repair & maintenance that’s often overlooked

Have you ever completed a job and been ready to hand the keys back over to a customer, only to realize certain features like the forward collision warning or self-parking assist aren’t functioning as they should be and you don’t have the equipment to properly correct them? When Ulmer’s Auto Care Center saw the need for an ADAS Calibration center to help serve our community, we immediately started working on the ADAS Calibration Center of Cincinnati. Our top priority then became taking the stress out of the equation when it comes to ADAS calibration and programming for everything from windshield replacements to collision repair.

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Upholding The Ulmer’s Standard Of Superior Service Expert service from one of the most trusted names in auto repair in the Cincinnati area

For over 80 years, Ulmer’s Auto Care Center has served communities in Cincinnati, Anderson, & Milford, OH by making sure all of their auto repair and maintenance needs are taken care of. Our policy to always go above and beyond for our customers has helped us earn a reputation as one of the most dependable auto shops in Ohio. It is this standard of excellence that we constantly strive to maintain that drives us to continue to ensure that our clients receive the same high level of service at our calibration center.