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ADAS Calibration Made Easy We help you help your customers

Picture this: you’re almost done working on a customer’s vehicle when you realize a greater problem with the airbag programming or another specialized system that you don’t have the tools to fix. You know that delivering them the news will become more frustrating when the customer learns they’ll have to make another appointment with a different service provider.

Instead of dragging out the process longer or risking a full replacement of the part by sending the customer to a dealership, call on the mobile services offered by ADAS Calibration Center. Unlike other calibration centers, we can bring our services to your shop so that your customer isn’t having to drive to and from one location to another.

Whether the car’s issue involves control module programming or seat weight calibration, we’ll help you keep your business in-house instead of having your customer drive to another shop for the same service.


Top To Bottom ADAS Calibration Service We’ll come to you right when you need us to*

Instead of sending your customers back to the dealership for calibration services or ADAS diagnostics, save them the headache by allowing us to bring our services to you. With a proven quick turnaround time and an emphasis on quality customer service experiences, we can provide you with the help you need to perform any of the following services:

  • Pre and Post Scans
  • Lane Departure Calibration
  • Lane Watch Calibration
  • Forward Radar Sensor Calibration
  • ICC Radar Calibration
  • Blind Spot Calibration
  • Emergency Braking
  • Safety Shield Calibrations
  • 360° Panoramic Camera
  • Calibration Updates
  • Control Module Programming
  • SRS Air Bag Programming
  • Seat Weight Calibration
  • Headlamp Coding & Calibration
  • R1234YF – Servicing, Leak Testing, & Repair
  • Alignments, Steering, & Suspension Service**

*Some vehicles may require in-shop calibration due to technical or space requirements.
** Alignment service available in-shop only

With our team, you won’t have to worry about ADAS anymore. We’ll work behind the scenes to make you the ADAS experts for your customers.

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